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Welsh Dragon symbolises Commonwealth Games (ex. 'Stamp Weekly')1968
Welsh Forerunners (ex. 'Welsh Nation') D.K.Kyme1968
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Welsh Language Handstamps - Bilingual for 4 years (ex. 'Stamp Weekly') K.Evans 1969
Welsh on Stamps and postmarks (ex. 'Stamp Collecting') K.Evans 1968
Welsh Philatelic Society - a potted history P. Brindley1979
Welsh Philatelic Society - Collection of photocopies of 1d Blacks on covers from various Welsh towns
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Welsh Theme - why not start collecting this? (ex. 'Philatelic Magazine') W.Arthur1963
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Wrexham - Postal History to 1900 (ex. 'Stamp Collecting') M.Scott Archer1977
Welsh Philatelic Society - Index to Newsletters, 1972 - 19921992
Y Gymdeithas Ffilatelig Gymreig P.Brindley 1967
Y Llythrdy yn Newid - Statws a Syniadau (reprint) K.Evans1969

In addition to the books / articles listed above, the Library possesses :-

The British Postmark Society Quarterly Bulletin
The GPO Philatelic Bulletin
The GPO Postmark Bulletin

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Honorary Librarian, A.G. Marriner,
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